About Us

OSTA Maxigro™ & OSTA Regigro™

Osta Biomaterials a South African based  medical device manufacturer is proud to launch OSTA Maxigro™ & OSTA Regigro™ the highest surface area osteoconductive Xenografts.

Xenografts are used as scaffold biomaterials to allow for ingrowth and bone replacement whilst also providing structural support in implantology and periodontal surgery. The high surface area is essential for improved vascularization or wound healing.

A process has been designed and patented to produce a high surface area biomaterial originating from cow bone. The bone is sourced from Australian Herds and with the stringiest criteria regarding safety.The OSTA Maxigro™ & OSTA Regigro™ products have cleared the US- FDA for safety and effectiveness and is SABS approved.


The vision of OSTA Biomaterials is to establish a niche medical device company that is profitable and provides bone replacement solutions across a wide spectrum of applications.


  • Establish through organic growth new suitable ventures falling within the business scope.
  • Develop quality products using our own patented technologies.
  • Achieve manufacturing excellence to ensure the cost-effective products.
  • Ensure the highest quality and safety to all customers and patients.